Welcome to Class 3 (Year 2)

Class 3 recently enjoyed a wonderful visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  As well as viewing lots of exotic animals from around the world, children took part in a workshop where they learnt about the four polar bears the park has. Pupils learnt lots of facts and were amazed to discover that they could fit 13 of their hands in one paw print of one of the polar bears. Children also handled a tooth from a polar bear as well as a jaw – the size looked enormous as they compared them to their own!  Children even had the chance to dress up as a bear! Back in the classroom in Design & Technology, pupils have been creating polar bear masks based on their own designs. For the masks, children decided to use a balloon and cover it in papier mâché, making sure they had at least 3 layers. To make the polar bear features 3D, pupils made the ears out of small pieces of card and noses from half a plastic cup. Painting then followed, giving wonderful results.    

You may download Class 3's current overview, telling you what the class is doing in different subjects this term, at the link below.