Our Aims

To ensure our school community understand and exhibit Christian values which are embedded within our curriculum.
To provide a safe, healthy, happy, caring, challenging and stimulating learning environment through a broad and balanced curriculum.
To motivate and encourage children to develop lively, creative, reflective and enquiring minds and be able to communicate effectively and understand their rights and responsibilities as a global citizen.
To enable children to develop their own spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness in all areas of their life and to become responsible citizens.
To equip children with a tolerant, respectful and positive attitude along with the skills and knowledge to learn independently with enjoyment and confidence to reach their full potential.
To work in partnership with the church, local and wider community.
To extend staff and governors’ expertise and accountability by ensuring professional development impacts on the effectiveness and success of the school.
To build on the success of our whole school planning, tracking and assessment procedures to ensure progression of key skills and quality of teaching and learning.
To actively ensure that our learning environment and curriculum provision promote an understanding of all aspects of our multi cultural society and global community. 
To provide children with ‘hands on’ experience within and beyond the classroom which will enable them to excite and develop their independence, knowledge and understanding further.
To ensure each child’s physical development and skills promote an enjoyment of sport and help achieve a healthy lifestyle.