Welcome to Class 2 (Year 1)

Class 2 are enjoying learning about Castles and Knights this term. This has been extended into English lessons, where we have been learning the Sleeping Beauty story. Children found it exciting when the princess explored the castle and ended up in the top tower with the ‘old woman’ who tricked her. The children have put actions to the words in order to remember some of the language. They have looked at typical fairy-tale language such as ‘Once upon a time…’. Pupils will also look at the setting and begin to write their own story with this in mind, as well as other parts of a story.

The class have identified features of a castle and the role of each part, and are enjoying having a mock castle in the classroom with all the swords, shields and helmets they have made on display. The school visit to The Royal Armouries will re-enforce our learning and the children will enjoy taking part in a workshop called ‘A Knight’s Tale’. 

You may download Class 2's current overview, telling you what the class is doing in different subjects this term, at the link below.

File icon: pdf Class 2 Autumn 18 Overview [pdf 85KB] Click to download