Below are some practical ideas to help your child with the different areas of Maths.

  • Play board games like Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, bingo that involve counting and opportunities for addition and subtraction
  • Sing number songs together
  • Play games like dominoes where children have to recognise, count and match number/pattern of dots
  • Play dice and card games
  • Look for numbers whilst walking or on a journey count stairs, count buttons, count lampposts on a walk, count ‘red’ cars on a journey, add together numbers on a number plate etc.
  • Cut out numerals from newspapers and magazines and put in order
  • Choose a number of the week eg 5 and practise counting on from 5, count in 5s etc.
  • Choose a shape of the week eg square or cuboid. How many times can you see it when at home, or when you are out? Can your child describe the shape to you by naming its properties?
  • Make up shape games. How quickly can you find 5 triangles in a particular room?
  • Make pictures with different shapes
  • Allow your child to add up amounts of real money
  • Encourage children to think about ‘change’. Ask them how much change they would get from 10p if they spent 5p etc.
  • Allow your child to pay for things at the supermarket and work out what change they will get
  • Involve your child in cooking. Look at numbers on scales and measuring jugs
  • Ask questions eg Who’s the tallest/shortest in the family? Who is the oldest/youngest in the family? When shopping which is the lightest/heaviest item? etc.
  • Plan an outing during the holidays, thinking about what time you will need to set off and how much money you will need to take
  • Use a bus/train timetable to work out how long a journey between two places should take


Below are a few useful websites your child can use at home, which support children’s learning at school.

Early Years (More or less and Counting Caterpillar)

Key Stage 1   (particularly addition and subtraction games)

Key Stage 2

Useful Maths Websites

I know some parents have asked how they can help their children improve on aspects of Maths. Below is a list of Maths Websites which may help your child with mental Maths and more specific concepts. 

There are many more websites out there – this is just a selection:

A vast selection of Maths activities on all different concepts.

Woodlands Junior School Numeracy Maths Zone

A selection of maths activities.


A chance to practice quick mental Maths – choose a different level, and a topic within a level, to answer as many questions as possible within a set time.


A website with activities and investigations to challenge you further.

Subtangent Maths

A website with some activities including Countdown. Also some revision tips.

Shape Surveyor – Fun brain

Practice your knowledge of areas and perimeters, as well as linking back to other mental Maths games.

Count On

Maths games and activities for children – mental Maths and other concepts

BBC Mathsfile

A few Maths activities for older children (11-14) including algebra.

BBC Skillswise

Aimed at helping adults improve Maths skills but useful for children to revise. Each topic includes what to learn, an activity and a test.

BBC Revise Wise       (7-11)      (11-14)

Useful for revision on different topics.

That Quiz

This website has many different topics for Maths, and can be tailored to suit what you want to revise.