Pupil Voice

Here is what some of our pupils say about Religious Education at Garton:


"I like RE because you learn about other religions and what they do differently from Christians. We also learn to be kind to others."


"I think that RE is good because we learn about God, Jesus and Christianity. It teaches us to be trustful and kind, and also to help other people."


"RE makes me feel happy. When I do RE it makes me think about being good in life."


"I like learning about God and Christianity and the other religions. I like stories about Jesus and writing our own prayers. I think RE teaches us about History and Literacy as well. I enjoyed learning about Community."


"I like RE because we should thank God for making the world and it links to all the topics and it tells you about stories of Jesus and you are learning about Christianity and other religions. It makes people feel joyful because it is helping people to remember God."


"I think RE is wonderful. I like RE because it tells you about religions and Christianity and God. It is also about History and a bit of Literacy and Phonics. I think RE teaches us about being Christian. Christians respect God. Religions want you to be kind and faithful people and not horrible people."


"I like RE because it is fun and you learn lots of exciting things. I like learning about the history of RE and different cultures."


"I remember 'The Lord is my Rock'. You gave us rocks with the words on and we had to put them in order. We watched the film when David had to fight Goliath. He was brave because he had a heart and Jesus helped him."


"I like RE because I always enjoy it. This term our topic is 'Belonging'. We go to church just across the road and it is called Saint Michael and All Angels Church."