Guidance on Illness

In cases where we suspect illness, or in an emergency, parents are contacted by telephone. If a child is absent due to poor health, please telephone the school office on the first day of illness. Sick pupils need to be at home, and it is therefore important that the school has the correct home telephone numbers (work or mobile number and also that of a family member, friend or neighbour to whom the child could be entrusted should parents be unavailable). Please keep us informed of any changes to ‘contact’ numbers. Further information is available in our Prospectus and from East Riding of Yorkshire Council at the link below.

Sickness and Diarrhoea

If your child has been sick or suffered from sickness or diarrhoea, PLEASE DO NOT bring them back into school until 48 hours after the last episode.


If your child has asthma, please ensure that you have completed an asthma care plan (available from the school office).

Children with inhalers must store a spare in their classrooms. Teachers will ensure pupils have immediate access to it. If necessary, this includes the inhalers being taken out of school or games/swimming or other off-site activities. Inhalers must come into school in the original packaging with the child’s name clearly indicated.

Ongoing medical conditions

If your child suffers from an on-going medical condition, other than asthma, and requires medication during the school day, a pro-forma must be completed and signed by the parent for the relevant days. We cannot keep unprescribed medicines in school. Parents, not children, must collect the medicine at the end of the school day.

We must be informed of any allergies, chronic complaints or disabilities your child may be affected by, with relevant guidance from the child’s medical practitioner. 

Administration of medicine in school

Should a doctor say that your child may attend school whilst still needing some prescribed medication, then the following procedure will be adhered to:

It is the parents’ responsibility to supervise the administration of medication to their child. If a lunchtime dosage is necessary, it is preferable for the child to return home for this, or for the parents to come to school to administer the medicine. If this is not possible then the medication should be brought to the office by the parent, in the original packaging, (liquid medicines must contain a measuring spoon) with a doctor’s prescription or the original label clearly visible.  Parent/Carers must complete a pro-forma with clear and precise instructions of the dosage and time required, this must then be signed by the parent/carers.

Medicines will be stored in a fridge or locked cabinet. They must be in their original packaging from the GP/pharmacy with clear instructions and must be in date. Parents must tell their child what time the dosage should be taken.

Please see our Medicine Policy and the 'School Absence Medical Appointments and Illness_Guidance for Parents Sep 2017' leaflet for further guidance as well as information about the administration of over the counter medications.