We believe at Garton on the Wolds CE Primary school that all of our children are treated as individuals and that educational inclusion is about equal opportunities for all pupils, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, attainment and background. We ensure that the planning and delivery of the curriculum and within the hidden curriculum ensures achievement of all pupils within our school. Our educationally inclusive school is one in which the teaching and learning, achievements, attitudes and well-being of every young person does matter and is catered for. Our school takes pride in offering new opportunities to all pupils who may have experienced previous difficulties. This does not mean treating all pupils in the same way, rather it involves assessment and taking account of pupils’ varied life experiences and needs and catering for their needs to ensure that they reach their full potential both socially and academically.

Why be Inclusive?
At Garton on the Wolds we are inclusive because:

  • Children perform better when they are in a safe environment which values their education
  • Tracking of all children removes barriers to their learning
  • It enhances the curriculum
  • It enables the disaffected pupil
  • It promotes each child’s health and well-being
  • It helps to build positive relationships with their peers and adults
  • It ensures that all children can make a valuable contribution to the global community
  • It builds professional skills
  • It leads to school improvement

You can download our SEND and Inclusion policies below.