We are fundraising for a new School Hall. 


Why do we need a new School Hall?

  • Additional accommodation needed for pupils to develop their sporting and music skills
  • Larger performance and dining area needed
  • All-weather sporting facility needed
  • Zero travel expenses
  • Increased teaching time due to zero travel time
  • School holiday provision potential
  • Community Hall potential (e.g. Brownies, Cubs, etc.)
  • Re-introduction of ‘Parent & Toddler’ group
  • Lettings for parties potential
  • Family and community engagement

Download our fundraising flier below.

In Detail

The village schools within the East Riding of Yorkshire are always under threat of a tight budget allocation from the Central Government to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, which often makes the provision of resources and renovation of teaching areas difficult to fund.


Our School, Garton on the Wolds CE Primary School, has become a successful and thriving rural school in the local area and is very popular not only for the high standards in teaching and learning but also as a service for the local community. The school was inspected by Ofsted in October 2014 and the outcome was Outstanding in all areas which all of the school community were very honoured and delighted about.


Our school population has risen from 42 in 2006 to our current role of 131 in 2018. Approximately 40% of our children live in the school’s identified catchment area, and other children commute to our school from neighbouring villages and Driffield.


With the increase in pupil numbers within our school, we are now planning to extend our school to accommodate a school hall for our children to develop their sport and music skills along with gaining a performance area and enhancing their dining experience. For our children to gain a gymnastic and all-weather area for netball, basketball and other sports, along with music group practice areas, we have to travel to the nearest sports hall which is approximately six miles away. Not only does this take up valuable teaching time, it is also expensive hiring the vehicles to transport the children to and from the venue.


The estimated cost for a water tight area with electricity is approximately £200,000. To meet these costs the school will be carrying out various fundraising activities, tightening our belts in other areas of the budget and hopefully gaining donations from generous and benevolent companies.


We have also been approached by the local community for provision for the school holidays through the possibility of a Community Hall to provide space for a holiday club. This is something we feel would give excellent provision for the local children and community during the holiday period.


Another function our school would be able to reintroduce would be a Parent and Toddler group, which we had to cancel two years ago due to insufficient space. The group enabled parents to form new friendships, aid transition to the Foundation Stage and help their toddlers with social skills. The group also helped parents' access to: Parent Partnership; SureStart; a toy library; baby massage; and other parenting classes for new parents.